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To pursue a scholarly educational and moral training, strategic research for the attainment of a sustainable socio-economic develops for the Gambia and the West Africa. Our overall goal is to advance knowledge research and excellence towards achieving a fulfilled career and destiny.

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About Legacy University, The Gambia.

Our Specific Objectives are;

  • To develop and train the human resources needed for an effective service delivery in the Gambia, West Africa and other parts of the world;
  • To offer economically accessible and technical disciplines that are in dire demand and of very vital economic importance for the growth or development of emerging economies including transitional countries;
  • To contribute our own quota to the reconstruction and renewal of the educational sector in the Gambia;
  • To produce professional personnel that will be or that are adequately self-reliant entrepreneurs; and
  • To train professionals that will possess practical and cognitive skills adequate so as to be able to face emerging challenges in all spheres of contemporary life in sub-Saharan Africa, and across the globe.

To develop a transformative impact on the society through reflective innovation for education entrepreneurship, creativity and research.

  • Research & Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship & Excellence
  • Transparency & Integrity

Our overall goal is to advance knowledge research and excellence towards achieving a fulfilled career and destiny.

Legacy University is a private Bilingual University par excellence approved and granted license to operate as a higher educational institution by the government of the Gambia. It is a comprehensive educational institution focused on teaching, learning, research and community service. The overall goal is to advance Knowledge, Research and Excellence towards achieving a fulfilled career and destiny.

Education is an important tool in the development of the human resource of a nation, it has a great impact on the development of the human mind in terms of literacy social interaction and inculcation of national consciousness on citizens and upcoming generations. The university education has been recognized as the basic form of vocational, technological and entrepreneurial education necessary for the development of human being, eradication of poverty and promoting social values.
The motto of the university is Knowledge and research for integrity.
The University will create the necessary environment and opportunities for all students to fully express themselves and be entrepreneurial, inventive and productive.

The university is funded by a group of seasoned academics and erudite scholars. The University is a private institution with business incorporation number SRN 1710053124 and company certificate number 2017/C4740 of the Gambia Company’s Act.

The University faculty will run foundation, certificate, diploma, graduate degrees and higher degree programmes in professional and specialised areas.


The National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Agency is the accrediting and regulating authority of tertiary education in the Republic of Gambia. The programmes and courses of the university are run in line with the guidelines and requirements of the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Agency.  Accreditation of our programmes are on course with the Agency while the University shall ensure that full accreditation of all its programmes are concluded within the limits and dictates of the appropriate regulatory body.

Meanwhile, the team of NAQAA was on the take-off campus on Monday, March 19th 2018 for the provisional and institutional accreditation of the university. The team led by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Gibril Jaw was impressed by the facilities and equipment put in place by the University.Click here to know more Parents and guardians are assured that all programmes run by the University will be fully accredited as contained and prescribed by the NAQAA.


The University shall affiliate and collaborate with Network of international universities for the development of its research policy. The University shall also carry our affiliation with interested institutions as contained in policy guidelines for affiliation and as approved by the governing council.