College of Education & Social Sciences (CESS)

Vision of the College

To be a rallying point in innovations, intellectualism and professionalism in teaching, research and social discourse for the benefit of mankind.

For Education: To be a centre of excellence in educational research and pacesetter in pedagogy and Teacher training programme in The Gambia and West Africa.

For Social Sciences: To make a positive impact through local socialisation, regional significance and global integration.


Dr. Olagbaju Oladotun Opeoluwa

College Office Contact


Academic Planning Officer


Mission of the Education Department

  1. To produce highly qualified and competent Teachers/Educators.
  2. To massively contribute to global educational resources in terms of innovative strategies, competent manpower, school support programmes and design of instructional materials to meet the educational needs of the National, Regional and International Communities.
  3. To produce professionals who are worthy in Learning and Character.
  4. To provide quality teaching, relevant research and innovation for societal development.
  5. To inculcate professionalism, culture of diligence and passion for career development in our students.

Mission of the Social Science Department

  1. To contribute objectively to local, regional and global social discourse
  2. To be a social catalyst through high quality research and teaching.
  3. To produce professionals who are worthy in Learning and Character.
  4. To initiate and maintain social change through community engagement.
  5. To empower individuals with requisite knowledge and skills to make informed personal choices in everyday life.

Core Values of the College

  1. Professionalism: The College shall promote professional best practices in all academic activities among staff and strive to inculcate same in the students. The College shall maintain ethical behaviour, confidentiality, professional etiquette, and honesty.
  2. Freedom of thought and expression: The College shall promote and defend freedom of thought and expression in academic inquiry and other activities.
  3. b) Innovation and creativity: Innovation and creativity shall be the hallmarks of the College activities as it initiates and adapt to change.
  4. c) Best practices and efficiency: The College shall embrace best global practises in all academic and other activities. In this regard, the College shall ensure that all processes and procedures are carried out with efficiency, effectiveness and are morally sound and ethical. Decision-making processes shall be participatory and consultative. It shall reflect meritocracy, openness and transparency.
  5. d) Team spirit and teamwork. The College shall foster a working environment that characterised by team spirit and teamwork.
  6. e) Quality Control Mechanism: To safeguard quality assurance, the College shall operate a quality control mechanism through various Heads of Departments to maintain efficiency and high standards.
  7. f) Quality customer service. The College shall provide quality services for all-round satisfaction.
  8. g) Responsible citizenship. The College shall embrace corporate social responsibility and ensure that all decisions and actions are marked byhuman dignity, equity, social justice, inclusiveness, equality, human rights, non-discrimination on the basis of gender, age or race, and protection of the marginalized. In all its activities, the College shall strive to respect and protect the environment.
  9. h) National cohesion and inclusiveness. The College shall promote national unity and respect for diversity.
  10. g) Partnership with other relevant institutions: The College shall increasingly promote partnership with Ministries and Boards of Education, Public and Private Schools Administrators, and other relevant institutions for industrial training/teaching practice for our students.

College Creed

For Education: We teach, others learn.

For Social Sciences: Social dynamism and integrity

What the College should be known for

  • Excellence in teaching and research
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity

Structure of Training of each programme run within the College

Degree: 4-year programme to include 2 Teaching practice postings (200 and 300 levels) and project.

Direct Entry Level with NCE: 3-year programme to include 2 Teaching practice postings (200 and 300 levels) and project.

Minimum Requirements for Admission to programmes within the College

A minimum of 5 Credit passes in English, Mathematics and three relevant subjects in the Department of interest.

Adult students’ admission will be offered on the basis of age/maturity. A prospective student that is 25years of age and above will be considered.  


1. Department of Education

  • Educational Management – with options (BEd & BSc (Ed) – 4 years)

2. Department of Social Sciences

  • Library and Information Science (BLIS, 4 years)
  • Social Work (BSc, 4 years)
  • Library & Information Science (Diploma) (2 years)
  • Social Work (Diploma) (2 years)