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Open eSchool is a learning management system (LMS) for Legacy University, The Gambia. The Teaching and Learning Needs Assessment will engage with the LUGA community.

Open eSchool currently hosts multitudes of courses in a variety of formats to meet different student’s needs including webcasts and self-paced online courses and provides easy access to courses from many of the University’s academic content.



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Open eSchool is a learning management system (LMS) for Legacy University, The Gambia. The Teaching and Learning Needs Assessment will engage with the LUGA community.

Legacy University has been approved to operate as a Higher Education Institution by the Government of The Gambia after various inspections and accreditation visits by the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA). The University is progressive to carve a niche with its policies, programmes and pedagogical innovations for quality teaching and research. In its academic endeavour, it has significantly achieved a landmark in terms of infrastructure, laboratory, research apparatus, faculty recruitment procedural tasks, along with incorporation of innovative courses being offered presently. On this note, I have the pleasure to welcome you to the website of Legacy University, The Gambia.

At Legacy University, we are driven by our vision and desire to “advance Knowledge, Research and Excellence towards achieving a fulfilled career and destiny.” As an institution, we have committed ourselves to be more “responsive and relevant to the needs of the employers of our graduates and the expectations of our stakeholders.” LUGA, as we are fondly called, was not set up simply to add to the number of institutions dotting the higher educational landscape of The Gambia. Rather, the University was established to meet a felt need for a higher institution that will make significant difference in addressing the challenges confronting the higher education sector in the country and continent at large. These include the problems of access, quality, funding and relevance. Students are the backbone of any educational institute.

Therefore, conferring excellent education to our students in an encouraging environment will be our prime objective. We are also very much provocative to spend equal attention to the all-round improvement of our students and to afford them adequate opportunities for providing utterance to their inner belletristic creative and artistic talents, scientific excellence as well as sportsmanship. Our next focus will be in maintaining a world-class, comprehensive program of research and research training to make more research-minded scholars. We intend for international standards of perfection across the varieties of research, from basic, curiosity-driven work that raises the stock of knowledge and guides to translate new research proposals and innovation with direct applications to industry and communities. In order to meet these challenges, we plan to build the alliances and collaborative partnerships with government, and other research institutions. The next aim will be the upliftment of academic and non-academic employees as well as administrative competence.

This, in succession, will advocate for business development, innovation, cooperation and efficiency. There will be periodical improvements of internal regulations, policies and methods which benefit the university community and our strategic partners. The rapid evolution of this planet in all aspects encourages the academicians to provide the correct thrust for making life-long learners out of the students. In this context, we are impelled to create responsible human beings with the highest ethical and social conduct. That is why our motto is: “Knowledge and Research for Integrity” On these web pages, you will find relevant information on various units of the University including our Colleges and Departments, as well as information on our academic programmes. Some of these pages are still being developed and if you cannot find what you want during this visit, you can send a mail to the webmaster or to me directly ( Welcome to our world! I wish you a pleasant surfing experience.






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