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Course Description

Credit Units: 2

Lecturer: Mr. Akuwudike Eze (MCs; NCSA, NIIT), Email: Social Learning Tool:, Journals:,  College of Agriculture, Engineering and Environmental Design, Department of Computer Science & Cyber Security.

Course Description:
In this course you will learn the basic concepts of Security Management Practices, Laws and Standards. Computer forensics is the application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law.

Section 1:

You will learn the background of Cybersecurity & Hacking. You will learn what is cyber-security and the growing demand for professionals. You will have clarity on what is a basic network, cia triad,essential terminologies used etc. You will go through an introduction to kali linux operating system in this section

Section 2:

You will gain insights on what is cyber security, what are the components, why you should choose this as a career. You will understand that cyber security is about protecting systems, networks, programs, data and money.

Section 3:

You will have an increased awareness of hacking as a profession, they will go through data breaches occurring in Yahoo, Equifax, Target stores, Sony’s play station network etc. You can understand how hacking can be as a profession, types of hackers, what is information risk management regime, companies with data breaches.

Methods of Instruction:

  • Lectures
  • Discussion groups
  • Projects (e.g. case studies, poster presentation, seminar presentation)

Methods of Course Assessment:

Evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the university policy. The lecturer will present a written course outline with specific evaluation criteria at the beginning of the semester. Evaluation will be based on the following:

Criteria Marks

Class Tests 15

Class Assignments 15

Final Examination 70


Pre-requisite courses:


Co-requisite course(s):


Recommended Reference Materials:


  1. Cyberspace, Cybersecurity, and Cybercrime (NULL) 1st Edition by Janine Kremling (Author), Amanda M. Sharp Parker



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