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Course Description

Credit Units: 2
Mr. Shaib, E. Oluwatobi Email Id:, College of Education and Social Sciences, Department of Economics

Course description:

This course is to help improve the undergraduates on the changes and adoptions in the educational system and also increase student teaching practice expertise as a teacher. There is substantial research that supports the contention that students get a better education when they have sound teachers. This course also enlightens and increases your knowledge and understanding of various roles of ICT in curriculum content, instruction, and assessment. There is significant research to support the benefits of ICT in these three areas. In addition, ICT is now an important content area in each of the disciplines that you teach or are preparing to teach. Furthermore, it also helps to surge teaching-learning higher-order, critical thinking, problem- solving knowledge and skills. Special attention is paid to roles of ICT as an aid to solving complex problems and accomplishing complex tasks in all curriculum areas. 

Learning Outcomes/Objectives: 

At the end of the course and having completed the essential reading and activities students should be able to: 

➢ Give an overview of the nature of ICT in Education ➢ Delineate the importance of ICT as Curriculum Content ➢ Understand the importance ICT as an Aid to Teaching and Learning ➢ Discuss the role of ICT in Assessment and Accountability 

Course Content 

To achieve the course aims, specific objectives are systematically outlined in different topics included at the beginning of a unit; you should read them before you start working through the sub-topics. 

➢ An Overview and Nature of ICT in the Global perspective ➢ Defining ICT in Education ➢ ICT in Teaching-Learning Process

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