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Course Description

Credit Units: 2
Lecturer: Mrs Dairo C. O. (B.A/M.A/PGDE), E-Mail ID:, College of Arts, Law, Administration and Management Sciences, Department of Linguistics and Language (French).

Learning Outcomes/Objectives:
FRN 221 – Intermediate Practical French II is a Second Semester course. Any student pursuing Second year undergraduate programme, in the Department of International Relations and Strategic Studie,s at Legacy University, The Gambia is eligible to take the course an elective paper. FRN 221 class meets once or twice a week, one hour or two hours at a time. The focus of this class will be on real-life language use, the integration of French and Francophone culture and language, and the acquisition of the four skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

During class time, students should expect to engage in individual, group and pair work, and to actively participate in class. Attendance, participation, and individual preparation outside of class are essential for success. Students must have at least 70% attendance in class to be allowed to sit for the examination(s).
Teaching methods and syllabus are based on the introduction of students to principles of autonomous and self-directed learning and LSP methodologies. This module will contain LSP in various media and forms of presentation (oral: lectures; audio-visual: TV, video; ICT: Internet, CD-ROMs). Independent work (group and individual) .Exercises in task setting and fulfilling.

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