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Course Description

Credit Units: 2
Lecturer: Dr. IKWUKA A.O. (MD, Sp. Cert., PhD Medicine) Email Id:, College of Health Sciences, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Course description:

This course is designed to enable the student to acquire knowledge and understand the principles of disease states. The student should understand the basic differences between conventional (orthodox) medicine and traditional medicine and their views on origin of diseases. 

Learning Outcomes: At the end of this course, the student should be able to: explain how diseases are classified in conventional (orthodox) medicine and traditional medicine; explain the differences in the outlook of both forms of medicine and to understand the different disease processes. 

This course includes the following lecture themes: 

  1. Classification of diseases: conventional (orthodox) and traditional methods. 
  2. Infectious diseases. Diseases of Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Urino- 

genital systems: Epidemiological approach. 

  1. Aetiologies of different disease states. 
  2. Treatment of diseases of: respiratory system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal 

system, urino-genital system. 

  1. Treatment of diseases of: endocrine (metabolic) system, immune system, nervous 

system, musculoskeletal system, integumentary system (skin). 

Methods of Instruction: 

  • Lectures 
  • Tutorials 
  • Discussion groups 
  • Guest lectures 
  • Projects (e.g. case studies, poster presentation, seminar presentation) 

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  • Reading of articles from relevant scientific journals 

Methods of Course Assessment: Evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the university policy. The lecturer will present a written course outline with specific evaluation criteria at the beginning of the semester. Evaluation will be based on the following: 

Criteria Marks 

Individual Works/Tasks 10 

Class Tests 10 

Class Assignments 10 

Final Examination 70 

TOTAL 100 

Pre-requisite course(s): None 

Co-requisite course(s): None 

Recommended Reference Materials: Textbooks 

  1. Hoffmann D. (2003) Medical Herbalism: The Science and Practice Of Herbal Medicine 2. Chevallier A. (2016) Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: 550 Herbs and Remedies for 

Common Ailments 3. Swift K., Midura R. (2018) Herbal Medicine for Beginners: Your Guide to Healing 

Common Ailments with 35 Medicinal Herbs 


  1. Journal of Herbal Medicine 2. International Journal of Herbal Medicine 3. Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy 

Web 1. 

  1. 3. 4. 5.

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