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Course Description

Credit Units: 3
Awosusi, E.O. (B.A, M.A) Email Id:, College of Arts, Law and Management Sciences, International Relations And Strategic Studies

Course description:

Overview and Objectives This course examines Basic principles underlying Gambia‟s foreign policy; Gambia‟s role in Africa, her relations with the Great Powers, and her role in the UN; and the Commonwealth, ECOWAS etc. Major factors, internal and external, shaping the foreign policy of the Gambia; the Gambia foreign policy environment; selected cases; Senegambia Confederation(success and failures) etc. 

Learning Outcomes 

This course consists of a combination of lectures, seminars, and group discussions. By the end of the course, the student is expected to: 

➢ Grasp the fundamentals of Gambian foreign policy; ➢ Understand the objectives and principles of Gambia foreign Policy ➢ understand the issues in Gambia foreign policy since independence ➢ analyze and discuss foreign policy environment and Gambia foreign 

policy makings 

Course Content The topics are structured in the expected order of consideration, but be advised that the study of each topic will cover several classes. Readings are assigned for each topic, and students are strongly encouraged to prepare properly for each class by reading the course materials indicated by the lecturer. The outlines are: 

Introduction: Overview of Gambia foreign policy since independence; 

Gambia National Interest and Foreign Policy

Gambia Foreign Policy making: Gambia Foreign Policy Actors; Gambia Foreign policy objectives; Principles of Gambia foreign policy; Gambia Foreign Policy formulations and implementations

Determinants of Foreign Policy: Internal Factors(leadership, public opinion, Economy, Military etc.); External factors (International Organisations e.g. AU and ECOWAS etc.)

Gambia and the World: Gambia and its neighboring State(Senegal); Gambia and ECOWAS; Gambia and AU; Gambia and UN; Gambia and Commonwealth

Senegambia Confederation and Gambia Foreign Policy: prelude to the confederation; Factors leading to the the Confederation ; Factors responsible for the failure of the confederation

Foreign Policy of the ‘New Gambia’

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