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Course Description

Credit Units: 4

Lecturer: Esther Aristides Hamman, LL.B (HONS) BL, LL.M, Email Id;, College of Arts, Law, Administration  & Management Sciences, Department of Law, Policy & Strategic Studies

Learning Outcomes/Objectives:

At the end of the course, it is expected that the student should be able to:

  1. To be informed of what is criminal procedure
  2. Guided with the principles that govern criminal procedure
  3. Equip with the sources of criminal procedure
  4. To handle criminal trials knowing the right and duties of defendants, their remedies in case breach of their rights.
  5. Requirements for bail application and warrant of arrest
  6. Provisions for bail application and requirements, reliable and reasonable studies.
  • Course content.

Meaning of criminal procedure, Principle of criminal procedure, sources of criminal procedure, criminal trials, Right and duties of defendants and remedies in case of breach, Requirements for searches and arrest execution of warrant, reasonable suspicion, provisions as to bail and recognizance generally.

  • Teaching methodologies

Lectures, case studies, seminars, tutorials and group discussions.

  • Course assessment

Continuous assessment tests, assignment, class participation, tutorials sessions, role-plays, projects and term papers will comprise 30% of the total marks at the end of the semester. Where appropriate, the proposed assessment method for the continuous assessment test/assignment may be modified to suit the course content. The other 70% of the marks will be derived from final examination offered at the end of the semester. The marks can be broken down as follows: 

Class test  10%
Written assignment  10%
Class participation 10%
Final examination 70%

Recommended Reference Materials 

  • Text books and other course materials

Criminal procedure notes by Esther Aristides, as given to all class members and any criminal procedure law textbook available to you. 

The notes attached in pdf.

Please click on the course content tab to have access to all required materials for this course.

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