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Course Description

Credit Units: 2
Lecturer: Dr. Abdulsalami, L.T, Email Id:, College of Education & Social Sciences, Department of Social Sciences; Library & Information Science

Learning Outcomes/Objectives:

The course is designed to expose student to the basic concepts on studies involving national and international business, Corporate Environment, Information needs and the dissemination of business information to respect clients and also familiarize the student with the activities and contributions of business activities in the business information field of librarianship.

This course includes the following lecture themes:

  1. Introduce students to various sources of information for business and commerce 
  2. Acquaint the students with the nature and characteristics of business 
  3. Factors affecting creation, acquisition, publication and dissemination of information.
  4. Business and corporate environment.
  5. To make students understand the distinct information needs of businesses Information Sources
  6. Business start-up etc.

Methods of Instruction:

    1. Lecture
    2. Tutorials
  • Seminar/Assignment
  •  Test

Methods of Course Assessment:

The Assessment of the students will be carried out in accordance with the university policy. The lecturer will present a written course outline with specific evaluation criteria at the beginning of the semester. The assessment will be based on the following:

Criteria Marks

Class work & Test   20

Seminar/Assignment                 10

Semester Examination   70

Total   100

Pre-requisite courses:


Co-requisite course(s):


Recommended Reference Materials:


Encyclopedia of librarianship or any relevant textbooks on library and information science and Library and Society Class Notes 2020. From Dr. Abdulsalami, L.T


Library and Information Journals or master’s thesis and undergraduate project on the same course in the library.

Please click on the course content tab to have access to all required materials for this course.

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