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Credit Units: 3
LECTURER;  MR  DARAMOLA OLUMUYIWA MOSES ND,HND, NISLT, B.SC IN VIEW., E-MAIL;, Department of Allied Health & Biological Sciences, College of Health Sciences 

Course description:
Students should be able to use these Mathematical skills in their various fields. This course aims at strengthening the capacity of the students in the field of Mathematical analysis.s 

LECTURE THEME FOR MTH121ANDMTH111;  This course incl ude the following lecture theme;

A. VECTOR, GEOMETRY AND DYNAMICS; Types of vectors; point line and relative vectors. Geometrical representation of vectors in  1-3 dimensions, nAddition of vectors and multiplicatiosn by a scalar, Components of vectors in 1-3 dimensions ; Directioncosineproduct of two vectos, linear independence of vectors- Point of division of a line, Scalar and vector products  of two vectors . Simple application of  2 dimensional co-ordinate geometry; Straight lines. Anglle  between two lines. Distance between points.  Equations of circle, properties of parabola .ellipses, hyperbola, straight lines and planes in spaces; direction cosines; angle between lines; and between lines and planes; distance of  a point from a plane, distance  between two skewed lines.

b.CALCULUS; definitions, use of DELTA –process, formulae for sum,product and quotient, the  chainrule, differentiation of derivatives including  Simple algebraic, and trigonometric functions.

B. ALGEBRA  AND TRIGONOMETRY; Real numbers system; simple definition of integral, rational and irrational numbers. The principles of mathematical induction. Real sequence and  series theory of quadratic equations .Simple inequality. Absolute values and trianglinary es inequality , identities,partial fraction, Set and subet, union, intersection, Compliments. Properties of some binary operations of sets distributive, closure, associative, commutative laws with  examples, Relations in  a set equivalence relation. Properties of set functions and inverse set functions .Permutation and combinations.Binomial theorems of any index ,Circular measures , Trigonometry,trigometrical functions. Radian measure, periodicity of circular functions. Addition formulae and other basic  identities. M addition and factor formulae.Complex numbers; algebra of complex numbers, the argand diagram, De Moivre’s theorem, n-th rooth of unity, Logarithm of numbers, Applications of the laws of  Logaritms.


  1. Lectures


                 III .Assighnment

                    IV, Test

Method of course  Assessment;Evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the University policy . The Lecturer will present a  written  course outline with  specifiic evaluation Criteria at  the beginning of the semester, Evaluation will be based  on the following;


Class work and test 20

Assignment 10

Semester Examination 70


Pre-requisite courses; None

Cases and Presentations; NILL

Co-requisite course ; Basic mathematics MTH111/O11

Recommended Reference  materials;

Text Book;           Pure  Mathematics  For advance level  Student 

Engineering  Mathematics

Further Mathematics  project by  M,R. Tuttuh-Adegun and D , God’s  Power Adegoke.

Journals NoNE

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