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Course Description

Credit Units: 2
Prepared by: Ms. Disha Thakur, Email Id:,College of Health Sciences, Department of Clinical Sciences

Learning Outcomes/Objectives: 

This course is designed to introduce the student to the principles of education and educational methodologies in nursing. This provides the foundation upon which the students can build knowledge and skill for effective teaching both in classroom and clinical setting. Emphasis is placed on patient teaching.

Course Content:

S/No. Duration Theme Teaching/Learning Method
1 2 Hours  Philosophy and objectives of education

Principles of teaching and learning

Relationship of the national policy on education and philosophy of education to the education of nurses

Lecture cum

discussion (White

board, PPT, Assignment)

2 2 Hours Teaching methods and techniques Seminars 
3 2 Hours Qualities of a teacher, teacher/learner interaction

The learning environment and the learner

Deductive and inductive reasoning

Lecture cum


(White board, PPT)

4 2 Hours Learning theories

Concept of motivation

Lecture cum


(White board, PPT)

5 2 Hours Development of instructional objectives

Development of course content

Development of teaching plan and implementation of teaching plan

Evaluation of teaching/learning process

Lecture cum

discussion method

(White board, PPT)

6 2 Hours Educational communication media

Clinical teaching/patient teaching 

Lecture cum

discussion method


board, PPT, Assignment, Role play)


Reference Materials:

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  • Journals of nursing education, January 2010, volume 49

Online websites 

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