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Course Description

Credit Units: 2
Lecturer: Mr. Shaib, E. Oluwatobi, Email ID:, College of Arts, Law, Administration and Management Sciences, Department of Economics.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives:
Over the past decades, the ability to provide treatment for a gradually wide range of diseases has increased exponentially with the introduction of new technologies. Demand for care also has been on the surge which varies for different reasons. However, the resulting rise in health care costs has put considerable strain on finite resources, a situation that has worsened in the face of the current global economic meltdown. Economic issues in health care have become a hotspot topic in the society and various researchers are now discussed. This is a symptom of an important change in health care markets. Attention has shifted from the “lethargic” funding and administration of systems to active concern about the cost of care and the health outcomes achieved. The health economic thinking that now permeates health policy and health care systems is raising questions such as: 

  • How much should we spend on health care and how do we ensure it is spent efficiently? 
  • How and when should we assess the outcome of using health technologies in clinical practice to ensure resources are used efficiently?

Learning Outcomes/Objectives: 

At the end of the course and having completed the essential reading and activities students should be able to: 

¬ Give an overview of the economics 

¬ Define health economics 

¬ Understand demand and supply in health care 

¬ Have an understanding of the Cost of health care Unit 

¬ Discuss the importance of budgeting in the health care sector.

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