Our Management Team

The University is being managed by experienced and well seasoned professionals in all disciplines of life whose passion is to see the younger generations become successful in their academics and professional studies who will later form the critical mass of future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Gambia’s Top University.

We offer a wide range of undergraduate & foundation programmes!

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Prof. Olanrewaju Rita-Marie Awotona
Vice Chancellor 
Email: vc@legacyuniversitygm.org

Assoc. Prof. V.E. Adamu
Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration
Email: dvc.admin@legacyuniversitygm.org

Dr. S. Adegbite
Email: bursar@legacyuniversitygm.org

Dr. D. Awoyemi
Email: registrar@legacyuniversitygm.org

University Librarian
Email: librarian@legacyuniversitygm.org

About Legacy University, The Gambia.

Our Specific Objectives are;

  • To develop and train the human resources needed for an effective service delivery in the Gambia, West Africa and other parts of the world;
  • To offer economically accessible and technical disciplines that are in dire demand and of very vital economic importance for the growth or development of emerging economies including transitional countries;
  • To contribute our own quota to the reconstruction and renewal of the educational sector in the Gambia;
  • To produce professional personnel that will be or that are adequately self-reliant entrepreneurs; and
  • To train professionals that will possess practical and cognitive skills adequate so as to be able to face emerging challenges in all spheres of contemporary life in sub-Saharan Africa, and across the globe.

To develop a transformative impact on the society through reflective innovation for education entrepreneurship, creativity and research.

  • Research & Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship & Excellence
  • Transparency & Integrity

Our overall goal is to advance knowledge research and excellence towards achieving a fulfilled career and destiny.